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It's Not Just Stuff. Your Belongings Make Your Apartment Your Home.

Protect Yours - Furniture, Electronics, Décor and More - With Renters Insurance From Safeco®

You bought it because you loved it (or needed it). You should insure it for the same reason. Renters Insurance from Safeco gives you the means to help you replace your stuff when it’s stolen, damaged or destroyed in a variety of instances. Including these:

A burglar steals your bike, laptop, television and, most devastatingly, your priceless family watch or ring.

A fire destroys everything in your unit, melting electronics, charring furniture and ruining clothes, shoes and jewelry.

A water leak in your unit damages your rugs, furniture (both wooden and upholstered) and even some of your clothing.

A hotel robbery takes your tablet, smartphone, camera, jacket and guitar – everything you brought with you, essentially.

A Lot of Coverage. Not a Lot of Money.

You don’t have to worry about spending a significant sum to protect your belongings. You’re only insuring your stuff, after all, not an actual building – that’s your landlord’s job. And, no your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your personal belongings. It’s up to you to have your own policy. Your landlord may even require it.

With Safeco Renters Insurance, you have coverage for your belongings and then some. A Safeco policy covers, up to your policy limits:

Your Stuff

Personal Property Coverage

The general rule of thumb is: Add up how much all your stuff is worth and purchase that much coverage. Schedule high-dollar items under Valuable Articles Coverage to ensure they’re fully protected.

Your Back

Liability Coverage

Accidents happen. If one occurs at your rental home (or elsewhere) and you’re responsible for the cost of someone else’s medical care, lost wages, etc., your policy may help cover the expenses.

Your Temp Digs

Additional Living Expenses

Being displaced from your rental home due to a fire, repairs or other incident is anything but pleasant. This coverage may help with the cost of living someplace else while sorting out your living situation.

5 Important Things to Know About Safeco Renters Insurance

  1. A deductible that works for your wallet: You’ll pay your deductible whenever you have a claim, so choose a comfortable amount. With a higher deductible, you may have a lower premium.
  2. Insure more and pay less: Selecting both renters and auto insurance from Safeco may earn you a multi-policy discount.
  3. Flexible payment options: You can pay your bill on a monthly or yearly basis, or somewhere in between. Pay online or by mail.
  4. Around-the-clock claims service: When an incident occurs, you can file your claim right away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Protection for your identity: Get even more out of your Safeco Renters Insurance by adding identity recovery coverage for just $1 a month.

Choose How You Cover Your Stuff

Whether you have just a little or a whole lot of stuff, paying out of your own pocket to replace it all would surely be a strain. Safeco Renters Insurance can help make it a whole lot easier, and you can even choose between:

  • Actual Cash Value Coverage: Pays the depreciated value of your items. For example, if your $3,000 TV is now five years old and worth $800, you’d receive $800 if it were stolen or damaged in a covered incident. While this coverage may cost less upfront, it also typically pays less during a claim, according to your policy limits.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: Pays the cost of brand new replacement items. For example, if you paid $3,000 for your TV but a similar model now costs $3,600, you’d receive $3,600, assuming your policy covers the loss. This coverage typically costs more upfront and pays more during a claim, up to your policy limits.

With Safeco Renters Insurance, you choose how you’re protected. A quote from an independent insurance agent is all you need to get started!